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Earth Day: Find Yourself, See the World More Clearly

By Marsha Houchins / August 4, 2015

One thing I do find difficult is saving. I do have automatic transfers set up to my saving account and funds such as retirement and college. I can easily see how much I have and plan accordingly. What I am not doing, however, is really teaching my children how to manage their money. This concerns […]


Food Labels – What they Don’t Show!

By Marsha Houchins / July 17, 2015

I have created a more visual, real-life savings experience for my kids. We keep jars in the house which are labeled according to their savings purpose. The children see me adding to the savings jars every day…”some change in this one, some change in that one.” The children also have their own jars too. Each […]


Zapping My Belly Fat

By Marsha Houchins / June 4, 2015

Now I do cheat a little here. Hiking all the way to several banks etc, is not realistic, I use the cash for shopping and make online transfers for the amounts saved to each institution. Having cash when shopping also helps me to keep from overspending. Seeing money grow in a jar is so motivating! […]


Low Calorie, High Fiber and Protein – Oatmeal

By Marsha Houchins / May 3, 2015

The most popular jar is the Vacation Jar….the kids get very excited as we near our goal of a fun family vacation! I have to say, the last three years have been a roller-coaster. Now things are settling into a more ‘normal’ routine (no chemo, radiation and baldness), I should be reveling in joy and […]