Whole Grain Belly Blasters

Marsha Houchins
By Marsha Houchins / January 28, 2016

I eat raw fruits and veggies daily and add nuts and healthy fats to my diet. I am not food obsessed, but thoughtful about what I am putting into my body. Here’s to a new outlook on food and my own health. I am enjoying it very much so far. I will be posting my recipes and progress over the coming weeks…be sure to check in! Saving money is something we all need to do.

Summer Smoothies

Marsha Houchins
By Marsha Houchins / October 5, 2015

Starting the day with smoothies, eating homemade soups for lunch, and cutting back on grains and meat at dinner has left me ten pounds lighter and feeling much more energized. I plan my meals based on the fresh foods available and select healthier choices in general.

I have not counted any points, weighed any food, or even tried to count calories. I have just made mindful decisions to eat a certain way. Best of all, I have not deprived myself. I have enjoyed some pasta, steak, and even ice-cream. I just don’t indulge every day.

Earth Day: Find Yourself, See the World More Clearly

Marsha Houchins
By Marsha Houchins / August 28, 2015

textSome of us are lucky enough to have been born with the ability to manage money successfully. Others are fortunate to havae had someone to show them the ropes and guide them into good money management. I fall into the category of having no clue about money management and no mentor to guide me. I wish I could say it came more naturally, but what I can do with money now, I learned though some major mistakes in the past!

Summer Food List

I like to have a good handle on what is happening with my money now. I use online banking and find I am able to balance my checkbook (well, debit card) by scheduling a weekly time to go through bills and receipts. I use an Excel spreadsheet to track monthly expenses and to chart annual expenses such as insurance and membership payments.


Earth Day: Find Yourself, See the World More Clearly

One thing I do find difficult is saving. I do have automatic transfers set up to my saving account and funds such as retirement and college. I can easily see how much I have and plan accordingly. What I am not doing, however, is really teaching my children how to manage their money. This concerns me as I really don’t want them going down the path I took; blundering into some semblance of understanding later in life!

Food Labels – What they Don’t Show!

I have created a more visual, real-life savings experience for my kids. We keep jars in the house which are labeled according to their savings purpose. The children see me adding to the savings jars every day…”some change in this one, some change in that one.” The children also have their own jars too. Each week we count up how much we have saved; the boys use their allowance (we ask them to keep a percentage of it for saving) and then ‘deposit’ it in the relevant places.

Being Good To Myself

You see, I have been fighting fatigue for some time now. My doctor gave me the all clear, reminding me that I have been more than stressed for the past three years as my son battled leukemia. I feel now, however, that I should have recovered more from that than my body actually has. I will never ‘relax’ and forget about it all, but I don’t have the immediate stress of the illness anymore. So what is going on?

I have found that I wake up feeling like I have not been to sleep at all. For months I have been sleeping like a baby and feeling exhausted upon waking. Recently, I have not been able to get to sleep at night, despite being bone tired, so I think my new-found passion for coffee is screwing me up some!

Zapping My Belly Fat

Now I do cheat a little here. Hiking all the way to several banks etc, is not realistic, I use the cash for shopping and make online transfers for the amounts saved to each institution. Having cash when shopping also helps me to keep from overspending.

Seeing money grow in a jar is so motivating! We all enjoy seeing the amounts build up just from our loose change and daily leftovers. We have firm rules about not dipping into the jars for anything….this can be the biggest challenge of all. But the payoff comes when we add everything up at the end of the week and delight in how much we can stash away.

Losing Weight and Feeling Great!

What I won’t do, however, is wallow in pity and accept my lot. I intend to fight this with fire…kick it hard…just like my son kicked cancer…and get myself functioning in a positive and healthy way. After all, I am a Healthy Working Mom…got to stick to that no matter what! Unfortunately, I cannot take part in the run I planned to raise money to find a cure for cancer…the doctor actually laughed at me when I told him I still planned to try to train.

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