Losing Weight and Feeling Great!

What I won’t do, however, is wallow in pity and accept my lot. I intend to fight this with fire…kick it hard…just like my son kicked cancer…and get myself functioning in a positive and healthy way. After all, I am a Healthy Working Mom…got to stick to that no matter what! Unfortunately, I cannot take part in the run I planned to raise money to find a cure for cancer…the doctor actually laughed at me when I told him I still planned to try to train.

Low Calorie, High Fiber and Protein – Oatmeal

The most popular jar is the Vacation Jar….the kids get very excited as we near our goal of a fun family vacation! I have to say, the last three years have been a roller-coaster. Now things are settling into a more ‘normal’ routine (no chemo, radiation and baldness), I should be reveling in joy and calm. But the trouble with fighting cancer (my eight year old son’s, not my own) is that it takes a HUGE toll on one’s own health.

Food for the Fourth!

I am currently waiting, cell phone by my side, to hear from a neurologist. I have ‘white matter’ in my brain, which could be age (that sucks) or could be the sign that my body is giving me grief for being ridiculously stressed for so long. Given my other symptoms: unrelenting fatigue, headaches, strange body sensations, to name a few, it is the general consensus that I have developed some kind of autoimmune condition.

Stress – Taking a Toll on My Health

Plan weekly menus to eliminate panic cooking and stress about feeding family properlyFind a way to get a cleaning person in at least once a month

Accept my fatigue but find a way to exercise each day

Accept that I am too tired after work to be Supermom and give myself a break

Begin Yoga and meditation…de-stress! I have been very busy lately. It is summer and I have been avoiding the rut I got into last year of blogging all day. Instead, family time has been a priority. I was hoping that the more relaxed schedule, the ability to sleep in past 5am, and the absence of work stress would help me feel less tired.

Belly Fat Zapping Menu- More Ideas

While nothing is confirmed as yet, my family has a history of Lupus and Fibromyalgia, so I wouldn’t be overly shocked to discover my stress has induced a family favorite! While I am organic as much as possible, careful to balance my diet, and believe in exercise, my recent illness has meant I have been more sloth than Supermom! Basically, I feel awful. I feel like crawling into bed and never moving again. I feel like shouting out about how unfair it all is.

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